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We are building the ultimate source of JD Edwards (JDE) talent. We are in search of the best (and only the best) Developers, Business Analysts, CNCs and Project Managers. If you are one of them we need you!

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JDE is hot

JDE skills are in high demand but there are not enough resources. Do you have a few free hours? Work on remote projects! No interviews, no traveling, just get it done and get paid for those hours.

Showcase your talent

Work for high profile companies and build your reputation as you complete JDE projects. Projects can be as little as developing a report or as big as designing and developing a complete solution.

Stay up-to-date

Have you learned new skills but haven’t had a chance to apply them in your current job? Work on projects in other companies and keep your skills up to date (BI Publisher, OneView, E1 Pages, Watch Lists, CAFE1, etc…)

Become the best!

Climb to the top. Earn points with every project and positive reviews. We’ll make sure our clients know your ranking so you can negotiate better rates for your projects.

How Does it Work?

A Project is submitted

One of our clients needs a new application (or any other type of object) and submits a project to our site. We evaluate the type of project and type of resource needed for this projects. We send a notification to all matching resources.

Developers reply with proposals

Say the client is requesting a new UBE report. You estimate you can have it done in 4 hours and you can deliver it by end of week. You present your proposal with your rate and the expected delivery date and working hours needed to complete the project. We compile all proposals from all developers and present them to the client.

A Developer is selected

Our client selects the proposal that is most appealing to them. They could select their developer based on delivery, rate, experience, etc. Once the client selects the resource for their project, we notify the winner so you can start working remotely on this project.

Project is completed

You complete the development of the new report, perform unit test and let us know of the completion of the project. We notify the client and they perform they own testing. They sign off the delivery and pay you for your work!

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