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The Ultimate Source of JD Edwards Talent

We are a team of Developers and Functional resources that have been working with the Oracle JD Edwards ERP software for more than 15 years. We have recognize the increasing difficulty for companies running JDE to find resources for their projects. It may take weeks or even months for a company to secure resources for a given JDE project.

We believe in an easier way for JDE customers to find resources for their projects and also an easier way for JDE technical and functional resources to work in multiple projects without the need of traveling to multiple sites.

We believe that connecting Developers directly with JDE Customers, will eliminate unnecessary intermediaries and this will bring the Total Cost of Ownership down for JDE customers at the same time that you and me, the developers

We save you time

As a developer you don’t want to waste your time in interviews or traveling from site to site. You know what needs to be done so you just want to do it and get paid. We will let you know when projects are posted to our site so, if you are available, you can present a proposal for the project and if you are selected, we let you know immediately.

We make you make more

Your skills are in high demand so why not put them to work? Maybe you are working full time currently but you still have a few hours a week available. You can work on small projects from home like completing a report or a little customization in a standard object. Turn those free hours in an extra income.

We let you stay current

New releases, new tools, new technologies are emerging every day in JDE. The more projects you complete with these technologies the better your resume will look. We will keep a record with all your projects in your profile so you can showcase when interviewing for a new job.

We let you be loved

Complete projects and get reviews from your clients. Be known for your work!
Complete missions and earn badges to display in your profile.

Our Story

It all started while we were working in some JD Edwards projects and the phone didn’t stop ringing and the email kept piling up asking us for availability or referrals for JDE resources. We realized how hot the market for JDE was becoming and how hard finding resources was as well. We came with this idea of building a website for companies to find resources just like any other job board but we thought that wasn’t enough.

We needed to come with a better way to connect companies and developers. An easy way that allowed developers to work in multiple projects without leaving their main source of income. So the obvious answer was working remotely in different projects. But finding that type of projects was not easy. We needed also a way for customers to let developers know when they needed a small project done.

The result is